Power-Sipping / High Efficiency Computing

IT solutions with key advantages:

  • Low initial cost of investment
  • Very low operational power consumption
  • Low services and maintenance cost
  • High Return on Investment

Expert services and solutions:

  • We choose the best technology at the lowest cost for your IT needs
  • Our IT management services ensures IT to be your strategic advantage, allowing you to focus on your business and not the tools

Presenting the Nano-PC:

  • Small: 40 times smaller than PC
  • Powerful: Full-HD and fast Internet
  • Lightweight: 450 g
  • Energy Saving: Less than 24 Watts for HD Movie, 87% power saving than PC
  • Flexible
  • Small Size
  • Configure for any Industry
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Android
  • Has Fanless option (silent)

An Eco-Friendly Computing Solution

The Nano-PC consume 10 times less power than a conventional PC!
Product Power Consumption / Hr. Average Usage Units of Electricity Consumed / month Units / Year
Normal Desktop 200W 8 hrs / day
20 days / month
32 384
Nano-PC 20W 8 hrs / day
20 days / month
3.2 38.4

Potential Application Areas:

  • Media Center/Player
  • Educational workstation
  • Utility server (e.g. print server, file sharing server, DHCP server)
  • Thin Cloud Computing Client
  • Office/Home Automation
  • Digital Signage Controller
  • Advertisement in Kiosks