Solar LED System

The use of the latest generation of solar cells and a new LED technology makes it possible to produce a street light with significantly lower energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, relative to comparable systems.

In addition, these new streetlights perform better under unfavorable lighting conditions than its competitors.


  • The solar LED streetlights don't need to be connected to the local electrical utilities. Investments for power connection can be omitted.
  • There are no costs for electricity and at the same time CO2 emissions are reduced.
  • LEDs have a longer durability in contrast to other illuminates, which results in lower maintenance and operation costs.
  • LED street lights consume more than 50% less energy than mercury arc lamps.
  • LED light doesn´t attract insects, which reduces maintenance costs and protects the environment.
  • The innovative lens-system of solar LED lights focuses the beam of light and reduces stray-light. This increases the street lights´ efficiency and minimizes the dazzling effect on nearby motorists.
  • The easy installation due to the reduced weight and the independence from the electrical grid enable cities and municipalities to adapt to changes of zoning maps or companies to changing illumination requirements immediately.

Solar LED Vs. Traditional Light

Criteria Electric Grid-Tied Street Light Solar LED Street Light
Installation Cost Average installation cost range from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on the distance to power source. No trenching, no cabling. Lower installation cost makes the solar streetlight's initial investment lower than traditional lights.
Material Cost Average $1,000 less initial material cost Higher material cost due to solar Tube and energy storage device acquisition
Running Cost Average electricity costs $80 t o $100 per street light annually Free
Maintenance Higher maintenance cost. Re- lamping 1,000 to 3,000 hours Virtually maintenance Free, LED Light fixture rated up to 75,000 hours
Environmental Impact Average streetlight consumes 550KWH of energy per annual from fossil fuel, which translates to 235 kilogram of Co2 emission. 100% green renewable energy from sun. Zero Co2 emissions. 2,000 kg Co2 savings per light
Security Low color rending and recognition Full spectrum light allows for better color recognition
Portability Portable light tower relies on generator. Noisy, requires attention Solar counterpart is quiet and maintenance free