Solid Waste Treatment

Plasma Gasification Melting (PGM)

PGM is the most environment-friendly waste management technology:

  • Total destruction of organic and carbonaceous materials
  • Vitrified Solid Residues
  • Low emissions to atmosphere, especially Dioxins and Furans
  • Fly Ash, gas cleaning system residues recycled into reactor for vitrification
  • Several Energy Recovery Options
  • Considerable cost (capex, opex) saving
  • The process can treat up to 1000 solid waste tons per day.


To Replace Incineration Technologies in the Field of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Medical (MW) and Radioactive Waste (LILRW) Management.

PGM is a superior technology vs. incineration in most environmental aspects and in both capital and operating costs.

Technology Overview

  • Very high temperatures
  • Use of advanced non-transfer plasma torches
  • Very little air required

  • Mainly pyrolytic combustible gases H2, CO, CnHm generated, while N2 and CO2 produced in small amounts
  • “Reducing” (non-oxidizing) process
  • Strongly reduced atmospheric emissions, particularly Dioxins and Nox
  • Molten glassy inert residues
  • Stable non-leaching vitrified slag
  • Highest volume reduction