Sewage Water Treatment

BELEKPOL Sewage Treatment BOISET: From 500MTQ-1200000MTQ

More than 65 cities in the following countries, used the BOISET system:

  • USA
  • China
  • Finland
  • Ukraine
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Macedonia
  • England
  • Russia
  • Poland

Biological Treatment Boiset Vs. Traditional System

Pollution reduction level Up to 99%
Investment Costs reduction 45%
Building terms reduction ≥ 50%
Energy consumption reduction ≥ 40%
Building terms reduction 50%
Excess sludge growth’s reduction 2 Times
Reduction of technological communications pipes length 50%
Reduction of exposure costs and labour force 30 - 50%


  • Lower Initial Construction cost
  • Lower Construction time
  • Lack of bad smell - this Bio set can be built between the buildings without any adverse effect
  • Eliminates the need for:
    Installation of lifting pumping stations
    Installation of forced pipelines
    Building of central sewage treatment plants outside towns